M-Pesa now has 25 million users

M-Pesa, Africa’s mobile phone payment system, has recently welcomed user number 25 million. The innovative mobile money transfer service is continuing to grow in various parts of Africa, as well as in Asia and Europe.

According to Asoko Insights, the platform has experienced an increase in usage across Africa, Asia and Europe, with active customers increasing by 27.1 per cent to 25.3 million in the year ended March 31, 2016. Originally a system that recorded its first active users in Kenya, M-Pesa is now also active in new markets like Albania and Ghana. The mobile payment system now boasts a network of more than 261,000 agents in 11 M-Pesa countries.

Users choose M-Pesa to pay salaries and benefits, settlement of utility bills and school fees and to enable vital health and agricultural solutions. The Ministry of Social Development in Lesotho pays welfare grants using M-Pesa while Kenya’s Ministry of Agriculture also pays fertiliser subsidies using M-Pesa. In Mozambique, some development agencies use the platform to pay employee salaries and allowances, water, electricity and pay television companies in the country collect payments via M-Pesa.

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Image by Fiona Bradley on Flickr

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