Sierra Leone is getting back on its feet

12/25/2017 11:35:48 AM

After a decade of devastating civil war and after 4,000 people were killed by the Ebola virus, Sierra Leone is getting back on its feet. There is lots good news – besides the fact that KLM started offering flights again in March 2017 – that shows that tourism-related business is showing signs of recovery.

The Independent reports about the initiative to revive the Sierra Leone Marathon, with a date set for the next event in May. There is more good news, after the mining companies left, schools closed and flights stopped in 2014. New roads are improving access to the Western Peninsula’s popular beaches and to Tiwai Island, a 12km-squared forested reserve with one of the world’s highest densities of primates. New hotels like the Radisson Blu and a Hilton have opened in Freetown. Cruise ships are returning: in April, the Silversea visited Freetown, with a repeat cruise scheduled for 2018.

The Independent spoke to Rob Morley, co-founder of Tailormade Africa and Africa Marathons, who campaigning to revive the country’s tourism industry. “Sierra Leone has a negative image, yet it has huge potential,” says Morley. “It’s a work in progress, so it needs travelers with a sense of adventure and patience.”

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