Togo subsidises farmers through electronic wallets

Small-scale farmers in Togo will get subsidies from their government, with the help of the African Development Bank and mobile network operators. The aim is to support the farmers in their livelihood while improving digital financial inclusion.

With the help of the African Development Bank, the government is targeting 3 million Togolese farmers. According to a report by BizCommunity, Mobile network operators MOOV and TOGOCEL support the cost of 107,000 SIM cards/electronic wallets.

They also prefund a communication campaign and establish call centres for customer support. The project is shaped after earlier successes in Liberia.

In Togo, 76,522 out of 150,000 small-scale farmers have been identified and registered, allowing them to benefit from a $1.3 million subsidy to buy inputs. With the project, the government also wants to establish a secure database of small-holder farmers, while digitising input acquisition and selecting input suppliers for fertilisers distribution.

According to the report, digital payment innovation resides in an opportunity for more than half the population to be recognised in the financial system and aspire to additional financial services and improved well-being.

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