Wecyclers win African Development prize

Wecyclers win African Development prize

The Nigerian startup Wecyclers has won the 2018-2019 King Baudouin African Development Prize. The recycling organisation won the €200,000 prize for enabling low income households to recycle their trash in return for redeemable points that can be exchanged for cash, food and other household items.

Wecyclers, featured on Club Africa in 2014, will use the € 200,000 prize to further develop their business and increase their impact at national and global levels. In a statement, the King Baudouin Foundation praised Wecyclers for their very effective model. The startup was selected from 244 applications for “its innovative approach to engaging the community, turning recycling into an economic driver for communities and turning citizens into agents of change.”

Wecyclers also received praise for is social impact. By rewarding citizens with ‘‘points’‘, it allows low-income communities to derive value from waste. AfricaNews reports that currently, the organization already benefits from the engagement of over 17,000 subscribers in 7 local communities in Nigeria’s commercial city, Lagos.

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