Alibaba dominates China’s B2B e-commerce | Biz weekly e-marketplace is the dominant player in China’s business-to-business e-commerce sales transactions. Alibaba currently holds 46.6% market share, far more than the second-largest player, Global Resources, with less than 10% of transaction volume and 7.0% marketshare. Third-ranked has 4.3% marketshare. reports that, according to the most recent data compiled by EnfoDesk, nine online companies account for more than two-thirds of business-to-business e-commerce sales, with Alibaba as the leader – by far. But Alibaba is not going to be as dominant forever, EnfoDesk says. Newcomers like,, and the vertical business products search engine,, are likely to close in on the leaders.

Alibaba hosts e-commerce sales across 29 product categories ranging from agricultural products, industrial machinery and automobiles to consumer electronics, apparel and health care. The Alibaba group is already the world's largest online retailer, with more than 500 million customers and more than 800 million product listings. However, it is so far little known outside China.

BBC reports that may change soon, as Alibaba is said to plan a US stock market listing. Alibaba has announced plans for a flotation in the US, saying the move will make it "a more global company". Analysts expect it to be the biggest share offering by a tech firm since Facebook's flotation in 2012. They predict that the listing will raise up to $15b.

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