HSBC Bank & PWC offer rich ‘how to’ guide | Biz weekly

There are numerous guides available about how to do business in China, but you might want to check out this one. In a combined effort, PWC and HSBC Bank have put together a compact guide for conducting business. A must-read for entrepreneurs that are about to try their luck in this immense market full of opportunities.

The ‘Doing Business in China’ publication offers essential insights in the change of China’s business environment after the economic reforms. “However”, the writers point out, “there remain bureaucratic and operational challenges and this guide presents an introduction to some of the key areas that businesses should be aware of when setting up operations and doing business in China.”

The guide mentions that, despite considerable bureaucracy, the government is making efforts to promote foreign investment. Although many industries are largely state-owned, the non-state sector is rapidly gaining importance in the Chinese economy. The guide is a rich source of information about trade, foreign exchange restrictions, taxation in China, human resources and employment law, trade and banking.

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