Beijing: welcome home, overseas Chinese

5/29/2018 1:26:48 PM

A new visa policy has been introduced that is particularly welcoming to foreign citizens with Chinese heritage. The visa program now allows them a special multiple-entry visa granting a residency period of up to five years.

The new policy welcomes all foreign citizens with Chinese heritage, regardless of how many generations of their family have lived outside China. The program reflects President Xi’s belief that overseas Chinese communities should have a role for a more prosperous and innovative China.

The new policy is also aimed at attracting skills, connections, and knowledge from the outside world. According to some estimates, 60 million Chinese live and work overseas. Of these Chinese, 4 million work in education, finance, and technology. The Interpreter (The Lowy Institute) reports that China watchers regard the visa policy change “as a strategic move by the Chinese Government to attract the best and brightest rén cái, or “talent”, to China.”

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