Car sales soar in China: up 10%

In China, passenger car sales have gone up dramatically. Sales rose nearly 10 per cent in April. The China Passenger Car Association reports that in that month 1.81 million passenger vehicles were sold, up 9.6 percent year on year. From January to March, the average growth rate was 4.5 percent.

The association expects the pace to continue, especially for new-energy vehicles. Sales of new-energy passenger cars were boosted 150 percent year on year to 730,145 in April. Fully electric car sales were sold in high numbers: 56,468 units; plug-in hybrids soared 243 percent annually to 16,677 units last month.

Premium car sales jumped 17 percent year on year; Mercedes-Benz sold 57,221 new cars, Audi sold 52,411 vehicles. Experts expect new models shown at the recent Beijing auto show will boost car sales further.

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