China embraces 3D printing

10/12/2017 12:13:19 PM

China is ready to embrace 3D printing, specifically in its health care sector. IDC research firm expects China to be a frontrunner in this technology, that is to become ‘mainstream’ in 2018. Large and established document printers, contract manufacturers and electronics vendors will have adopted the technology by then.

According to a Shanghai Daily report, IDC says manufacturers are exploring ways to reduce dependency on traditional labor intensive processes in manufacturing. Also, 3D printing is expected to become more important in manufacturing, taking a role beyond its current one of supporting prototyping activities and product development.

One industry where 3D printing will play a particularly important role is health care. “The 3D imaging and printing and virtual reality have a huge potential in hospitals and will bring hope to children awaiting operations”, says the report. Around 3-5 percent of children suffering heart diseases could benefit from 3D printing to assist in the surgery.

Further reading on Shanghai Daily

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