Chinese institute develops ‘freshness sniffer’

Chinese rocket scientists have developed a small handheld electronic gadget that can smell if food (meat, fish) is still fresh enough for consumption. The ‘freshness sniffer’ device can determine the freshness of several kinds of meat and fish, based on sensor and measurement technologies long employed in missiles and space equipment.

The invention is claimed by developers at CASIC's Beijing Institute of Radio Metrology and Measurements. Within ten seconds, the device can tell if meat is fresh, or not so fresh and needs to be cooked well, or if it has already become spoiled.

The device works with a mobile phone application, connected with the mobile phone via Bluetooth. According to China Daily, the freshness sniffer “detects and measures the presence of ammonia and volatile organic compounds to determine bacteriological activity in uncooked meat. Then it analyzes the results to judge the meat's freshness and displays its verdict on the phone.”

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