Future hotel open for business: welcome to Flyzoo Hotel in Hangzhou!

Future hotel open for business: welcome to Flyzoo Hotel in Hangzhou!

If you want to know what the hotel of the future looks like, book a stay at the FlyZoo Hotel in Hangzhou. The hotel is stacked with smart technology that helps make a stay pleasurable and operations ultra-efficient. Robots have a key role at this innovative new player in the hospitality industry.

FlyZoo features a range of artificial intelligence-powered services to create a convenient, seamless experience for guests. Alizila, Alibaba’s information platform, explains that a stay at the FlyZoo Hotel starts with the FlyZoo mobile app. From there, travelers can book their stays, choose the floor they want and even the direction their room faces.

Check-in: show your face

Arriving at the front desk of the 290-room FlyZoo Hotel, most Chinese guests just have to show their face to a face-recognition camera for a moment and move straight on to their rooms. For foreign passport holders, check-in requires just a few simple steps at a kiosk with help from hotel staff.

Face recognition is one of the key technologies in this hotel. You can choose to use facial recognition – rather than keys and keycards – to access the hotel and your room. Everything from using the elevator to entering their room is as easy as smiling for the camera. FlyZoo uses the photos taken at check-in to verify that the users are staying at the hotel.

Smart assistant

Each room is equipped with a Tmall Genie smart assistant, which helps guests adjust the temperature, lights, curtains and the TV, plays music and even answers simple questions – such as “What is the WiFi password?” – all with a simple voice command. If you want fresh water for the room, or new pillows, Tmall Genie can handle that as well. The articles will be delivered by a robot.

The highlight of the stay in this hotel is dinner in the restaurant, where customers are serviced with everything they need by robots. A separate bar is manned by a robotic arm that will mix over 20 cocktails. A nice human-to-robot chat about the weather or about football is not on the menu yet – but who know what the developers may come up with soon.

Checkout: just go

Checkout is definitely quick - there are no lines. Guests just pack and go. If they have to leave before the standard check-out time, they can choose to tell the hotel in advance by using the app. Their rooms will automatically be released after check-out.

The FlyZoo Hotel was built by Alibaba’s online travel platform, Fliggy, along with other Alibaba Group business units, such as Alibaba A.I. Labs and Alibaba Cloud. Because of the involvement of several Alibaba companies, the location of FlyZoo Hotel is no coincidence: within walking distance of Alibaba headquarters in Hangzhou…

Not just about cutting cost

FlyZoo’s technology is not only about cutting cost, the hotel insists. Applying smart tech serves to make a hotel’s services convenient and easy to use. “And with hotel staff freed up from the more routine tasks, they can focus on delivering a better experience for guests”, Alizila reports. Andy Wang, CEO of Alibaba Future Hotel: “Our use of intelligent facilities coupled with digital management and operational systems means that hotel employees can focus on providing guests with a level of service that goes the extra mile.”

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