Hangzhou increasingly popular among international students

China’s main cities like Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou attract large numbers of international students, but Hangzhou universities lead the rankings. The number of international students in Zhejiang’s (Hangzhou) colleges and universities jumped 13.5 percent in 2014 to 23,817.

The number of countries and regions where Hangzhou’s international students originate from grew to 171, seven more than in 2013.

Most international students in the Hangzhou region come from South Korea, the United States, Indonesia, Thailand and Britain.

The ‘most international’ of all universities in this region is the University of Nottingham Ningbo. At this institution, foreign students make up 13 percent of the student body. Zhejiang University ranks second with 426 foreign students – 12 percent of its total.

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Image by Constantboat, via Wikimedia Commons

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