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I McDo! Hong Kong wedding party at McDonald’sMcDonald’s in Hong Kong has tapped into a huge new market: wedding parties! For only € 270 you can have a full party, including venue, decor, food, gifts and invites.

The wedding parties at McDonald’s 15 branches are very popular among young couples that had their first date at on of the hamburger restaurants.

This is how McDonald’s advertises the wedding package at the Hong Kong restaurants: "Thinking about throwing a really special party for your wedding, engagement, anniversary or bridal shower? Think McDonald's. Our wedding party packages have just everything you need, including unique venue decoration, customized games and special gifts for bride & groom and your guests. Everything will be taken care of by McDonald's."

The company offers four separate wedding packages, the most expensive costing € 938. This is the deluxe version, that includes two-hour decorated venue rental, wedding presents, a pair of McD's balloon wedding rings, bridal bouquet, apple pie cake display, Crystal McDonald's house, decorations, an MC, supplies for 50 guests including McDonaldland character gifts and invites, and more.

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