New social credit score system app shows debtors

China’s authorities are testing a new app – an add-on to WeChat – that enables users to check on the debt status of people around them. The app is to be part of the social credit system aimed at monitoring the behavior of the country's 1.4 billion citizens.

Users can check if people within a 550-yard radius have failed to pay their debts. If one taps on the person on a mini map, the app will show personal information including their full name and partial home address.

According to a report by The Telegraph, the app plays its part in connecting and sharing information on debtors and create a social honesty framework. The app is a next step in the development of China’s social credit score system that rates “individuals, businesses and authorities, with the aim of separating the trustworthy from the disobedient.”

According to The Telegraphs report, more than 18 million people in China have already been banned from flying and 5.5 million prevented from buying high-speed rail tickets as a result of their debts.

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