Shenzhen’s green quest is paying off

Shenzhen is on a green quest. The South China city, once known for its air pollution, has done a lot over the years to clean up its act – and deal with its pollution problems. Supported by several research reports, the city claims that it has transformed into China’s most sustainable city.

The South China Morning Post compares Shenzhen’s progress in its green quest over the years and concludes that the city is way ahead of competitors such as Hong Kong. “In less than a decade, Shenzhen has reduced its average air pollution by around 50 per cent, according to city authorities”, SCMP reports.

Shenzhen was the first major city in the world to roll out an all-electric public bus fleet. Today, the city has three times more electric buses than the entire fleet of all buses in New York. The city’s electric taxi fleet is substantial as well. The city will gradually replace the existing fuel-powered taxis with electricity-powered ones by 2020, or earlier. The World Economic Forum says the world can learn from China’s example in the area of electric buses and other vehicles.

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