Special green plates for electric cars

China's Traffic Management Bureau has designed a special green license plate for all battery-electric, plug-in hybrid, and hydrogen fuel-cell cars. Having a green plate entitles owners to certain benefits.

Plates that differentiate ‘new-energy vehicles’ are important because many local governments give them preferential treatment. In Beijing, these cars are exempt from rules banning most vehicles from the city center during certain days of the week.

Green Car Reports says that in China, the sale of electric cars is not only promoted by purchase incentives. In certain cities, owners of an electric car face no limits in how many can be registered, and when they can be driven.

The new rules are meant not only to entice consumers to buy electric cars, but also to deal with the problem of air pollution in Chinese cities.

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Image by By Ride_and_Drive.jpg: Plug'n Drive derivative work: Mariordo, via Wikimedia Commons

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