Five features of the hotel room of the (near) future

1/8/2018 5:12:20 PM

Five features of the hotel room of the (near) futureModern hotels offer online ‘chatbots’ for customer service, mobile and keyless check-in options, digital in-room controls and advanced energy conservation systems. But what will the hotel room of the ‘twenties’ look like? One sure bet is that artificial intelligence (AI) will enter the room.

In, hotel and travel consultant Dean Minett shares his visions of the room of the future. His five predictions are:

  1. Artificial intelligence will show its strengths and limitations: “Sophisticated chatbots and voice command software will continue to be an area of interest for hoteliers”
  2. Advanced in-room controls will be the norm: “Three simple things happen when the guest enters the room: the lights turn on, the HVAC system starts running, the curtains open.”
  3. Bigger bathrooms, smaller guestrooms, optical illusions: “Larger bathrooms are commonly seen as a benchmark of luxury in hotels. Obviously building a bigger bathroom will decrease your dimensions for living and sleeping.”
  4. Hotels will design with social media in mind: “Guest reviews will continue to be an important driver of success in 2020 — but so will social media shares.”
  5. Personal interactions will continue to define the guest experience: “But no matter how much the hotel of the future looks like a science fiction story, personal interactions will remain important.”

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