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Have your airport food delivered at the gate

10/10/2017 12:48:51 PM

Pick-up and delivery services have opened businesses at a growing number of US airports. Travelers wishing to avoid queues at busy airport restaurants at peak hours can now order their food online and have it delivered at the gate.

Two of these services, AirportSherpa and AtYourGate, deliver food and other retail items directly to passengers at their gate. Another service, Grab, lets passengers order food in advance and collect it from restaurants as they pass on their way to their gate. Delivery staff use Segways or carts to deliver food in a timely fashion.

The app services target business travelers on tight schedules – transit passengers on their way to their next flight. These are the travelers that appreciate good food, tend to avoid fast-food and are willing to spend some money – they just lack the time to sit down at a proper airport restaurant.

Operators face challenges, reports. Delivery personnel require a pass that allows them to move around freely and skip security protocols. The application process for these passes at airports is often lengthy and invasive.

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