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How much should you tip in taxis, restaurants and hotels?

7/25/2018 2:23:06 PM

In large parts of Australia, taxi drivers don’t expect you to give a tip. In Canada drivers do, they even expect between 10 and 20 percent of the total fare. Would you know what to tip in taxis, restaurants and hotels when you arrive in a business destination for the first time?

GoCompare/BusinessInsider has compiled a handy list of where to tip or not to tip – and how much people expect you to contribute to show your appreciation of their services. The guide shows that the expectations of taxi drivers and restaurant and hotel staff vary greatly.

In a nutshell: when in America, expect to tip for services provided. Many European countries are known for not tipping. In some countries, tipping is even considered rude. As a general rule, allowing someone to keep the change is always a welcome gesture. Rounding up the fare is seen as a small token of appreciation in most countries. In China however, the taxi driver may return the extra money you give him, as he may not be accustomed to receiving tips.

In Egypt, taxi drivers don’t expect tips for short journeys, but for multiple stops, add 10% to the total fair. In Hungary, you are sending a signal of unhappiness if you don’t tip the waiter in a restaurant.

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