Nairobi airport – almost back to normal

11/26/2013 2:15:00 PM

Jomo Kenyatta International Airport improved facilities for travellers.

Nairobi’s international airport has made a huge step forward. This is how Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (KLIA) announced the good news on its FaceBook page: “International Departure operations are now at 1 & 2, Gates 4-14, Domestic Arrivals & Departures back to Unit 3 & International Arrivals are operating from the New Car Park, JKIA is Back to normal and ready to take off!”

After a big fire hit Nairobi’s airport this summer, travellers had to cope with less than ideal facilities. For a few weeks, the airport’s arrival operations were temporary located in tents. In September, part of these makeshift facilities could be brought down as a new temporary Arrivals area had been put into service. 

Improved facilities

Air France KLM’s regional station manager Evert van der Kaa is happy to report on the situation, that offers greatly improved facilities for travellers. “I would even go as far as to say that circumstances in the international terminal are now quite comparable to what it was before the fire. Not all shops have returned yet, but the terminal looks and feels good, with more space than we used to have. We are happy to offer our passengers better seating in the waiting area and at our gate 9.” Obviously, not all facilities could be improved in such a short time. “The climate in the building needs work, as temperatures can go up.” 

Current facilities

How will travellers experience the current facilities at the air Jomo Kenyatta International Airport? Evert explains: “Arriving passengers can leave the aircraft via the stairs on the platform. Bus transportation awaits to bring them to their next stop: passengers that have Nairobi as their final destination or that have a domestic connection will be brought to a parking lot that temporarily serves as the arrivals area. Here, passengers will find the immigrations/visa department and customs facilities. Our handling agent Kenya Airways will bring passengers with an international connection to the international terminal building. There they can check-in at the transfer desk or go directly to the right gate.”

Back to normal

Evert van der Kaa is thrilled to know that the situation in the departure area is more or less back to normal. “Since a few days, Kenya Airways offers a Business Class lounge. Due to the limited size of this lounge, we can only offer entry to our C-class passengers; to other passengers that would normally have access to the lounge we offer a drinks and snacks voucher that can be redeemed at a catering location at gate 4. I would like to offer more space in our business class lounge, but for now we are happy to have a real business class lounge again.”

The improvements at Nairobi’s airport come in small steps. The latest change? “I think it is great that we can now board our departing passengers via the boarding bridge. It may seem only a small step, but is does make a difference

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