BlueBiz Birthday Campaign – we have a winner!

12/13/2013 10:41:25 AM

On your birthday, you get presents. Eddie Traverso from the Netherlands and Mary Anne Lauretta from Italy received the best gift ever, from BlueBiz! Being the first winners in BlueBiz Birthday Campaign, Eddie and Mary Anne received free tickets to their favourite destinations of Bangkok and Paris!

All Eddie and Mary Anne had to do to win this fabulous prize is to find a creative way to present their favourite destination to BlueBiz..

Eddie Traverso won the September competition - a ticket to Bangkok, Thailand. He shared a beautiful photo from the highest point of Bali, adding the words ‘go East with KLM!! As it’s my birthday, I would like you to choose the ultimate destination for me :) Because dreams happen, see picture from the highest point of Bali!! While travelling, life never stops amazing us; with its diversity yet universality, wherever we go’

Winner AIR FRANCE KLM BlueBiz Birthday Campaign September

Picture Eddie Traverso from Bali

Mary Anne Lauretta shared her dream of celebrating her next birthday in Paris, embracing the hunchback of the Notre Dame, with a French bread under his arm and singing the national anthem! "It would be a dream", Mary Anne wrote.

In BlueBiz’ Birthday Campaign, every BlueBiz member receives a special birthday email. It is a lot more than just a happy birthday mail. When you open the mail, watch the personalised video and join the competition, you could win two AIR FRANCE KLM tickets to your favourite destination. So go ahead, be creative and surprise us... and win those tickets!

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