May's BlueBiz Birthday Campaign: Time to Tango!

6/25/2014 9:17:59 AM

BlueBiz Birthday Campaign: Mihai Floran wins tickets to Buenos Aires

Time to tango!It looks like Mihai Floran and his girlfriend Natalia are finally going to learn to dance the tango. Mihai from Cluj, Romania, is the latest winner of our BlueBiz birthday campaign. His dream of visiting Argentina will come true, as he won two return tickets from Budapest to Buenos Aires!

On his birthday, Mihai (25) received an email from BlueBiz with congratulations and with a challenge – tell us about your travel dreams and we will make them come true. “I immediately responded, explaining that I’d love to celebrate my birthday in South America. Buenos Aires has always been my dream destination”, Mihai explains excitedly, after having received the great news of his win.

Why the great interest in Argentina? “I was always fond of South America, its climate and culture. They say Buenos Aires is beautiful, with its grand boulevards, historical buildings and culture”, says Mihai, adding that his interest in South America was strengthened when he visited Brasil to witness World Youth Day in Rio last year. The Romanian, who works for a NGO involved in supporting local youth in the Cluj region, is eager to cross the Atlantic Ocean once again. “My girlfriend is thrilled by the idea that she will be able to learn the tango. I am not a great dancer myself, but I am surely going to join her!”

How can you win?

The BlueBiz Birthday Campaign offers a wonderful opportunity to win free tickets. If you are a member, you will receive a special birthday email. When you open the mail, watch the personalised video and join the competition. Be creative and add a little humour when you tell us where you would like to go. Come up with a funny, romantic, adventurous or otherwise interesting reason and you may win two AIR FRANCE KLM tickets to your favourite destination.

So if you have your birthday coming up, check your inbox for our BlueBiz Birthday Campaign email. You could be the next winner of free tickets!

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