Fight business travel anxiety

6/27/2014 9:00:00 AM

The best way to beat business travel stress is to recognise it. You can enjoy a more relaxed and successful business trip when you are aware that three very common stress causes are: 1 unexpected loss of time 2 routine breakers and 3 surprises in general.

Fight business travel anxiety: accept the stress factors  A survey by HEC Paris and Carlson Wagonlit Travel among thousands of business travellers found that most travellers dislike to lose time unexpectedly. For example, they do not like being in a situation in which it is difficult or impossible to work. When travellers are on the road, day-to-day office work tends to accumulate; additional time will be required to catch-up. If addressing this extra work is not possible during the trip (either in the airport, plane or at the hotel), the workload will generate stress.

The second factor – routine breakers – can severely disrupt a traveler's routines. Not being able to maintain a healthy diet or workout routine at the destination may be stressful, even though often anticipated before departure. Very early or late departure or arrival times, unhealthy meals or traveling during a weekend are all in the same category.
Also, surprises or unforeseen events, taking place during a trip, can cause stress. A good example of this is losing luggage, which brings uncertainties.

The report identifies a number of ‘travel stressors’ of which the impact can be decreased, simply by being aware that they exist. And: by accepting their existence. Number one on the list is lost or delayed baggage, followed by having to deal with poor/no internet connection, flying economy class on medium to long-haul flights, delays in general, inconvenient departure and arrival times, low hotel categories and inconvenient hotel locations, not being able to eat healthy and travel during weekends.

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