What, no desk in the hotel room?

3/29/2016 4:14:11 PM

Young (business) travelers just want a clean and efficient space to stay. They spend less time in rooms and like to socialize and work in vibrant lobbies with a sense of community. That is why Hilton’s new Tru brand offers chairs with large arm rests instead of desks.

HiltonThe large armrest is supposed to be big enough to place a laptop on. But some business travellers will have some trouble adjusting to the minimalist look that seems to be the new trend at Hilton, Tru and other hotels.

There is more. At many hotels, carpets are being replaced by easy-to-clean laminate floors. Tubs are being taken out of hotel rooms in favour of glass showers. According to a report on Fox News, hotels are hoping to convince guests to bring their laptops to the lobby, where they might buy a glass of wine while typing away.

The traditional room is being replaced by a room that is much ‘roomier’. “Best Western's new Vib brand has introduced bed headboards double as desks. Closets have been replaced with hooks on the wall and instead of a dresser there are drawers under the bed”, Fox reports. Hilton's new Tru brand does not offer closets, but open spaces with hangers and hooks on the wall. Starwood's Aloft brand also skips out on the closet, instead offering some hangers behind a curtain in a built-in wall in the bathroom.

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Image by Hilton

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