Aviation trend in 2024: sustainability high on focus list

Sustainability will be high on the focus list for airlines in 2024. In a recent analysis of the industry’s greatest challenges, Simple Flying notes that sustainability is not only top of the list, but there is a greater likelihood of airlines being held to account for their actions (or: lack of) in the new year.

Simple Flying regards a number of topics as crucial for the industry. The report mentions the integration of AI into customer service channels, which can enhance communication and predict flight delays. Also, digital technology will continue to enhance the customer experience, both at the airport and onboard.

One of the main issues is sustainability. The efforts of airlines in the sustainability arena will likely increase, with a focus on sustainable aviation fuel.

The report states that the use of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) will only become more widespread throughout 2024 and the subsequent years. “In fact, IATA predicts that by 2050, sustainable aviation fuel will be responsible for 65% of the reduction in carbon emissions, propelling airlines to their net-zero goals.”

Among the traveling public, there is an increased awareness of sustainability issues. There is also a greater likelihood of airlines being held to account for their actions. “Accusations of greenwashing may well be directed toward carriers which are not making a true commitment to the environment”, Simple Flying concludes.