Boeing executive: “SAF is the key to airline industry’s decarbonization”

Electric flying looks promising. And the concept of hydrogen-powered aviation may eventually take off. But flying on alternative energies such as electric and hydrogen will not solve the challenge. The aviation industry needs Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) – and lots of it – to substantially cut CO2 emissions.

That is the opinion that was recently shared by Robert Boyd, the regional lead of Boeing’s global sustainability policy and partnerships. In an interview with Arab News, Boyd said that, to meet the CO2 reduction challenge, airlines must replace old fleets, airports should improve air traffic management structures. But above all, Boyd said, there is a “huge amount of work” needed to drive down SAF prices, including more research and development, and technological development on feedstock.

In the expert’s opinion, it will be hard to make electric and hydrogen to make a breakthough. But given that “technology limitations do not allow for hydrogen or electric to power wide-body, long-haul aircraft, SAF is the key.”