Delta to launch Sustainable Skies Lab

Delta Air Lines is launching its own airline innovation lab to accelerate research, design and testing for a more sustainable future of aviation. The goal of the organization, the Delta Sustainable Skies Lab, is to help Delta reach its goal of net zero emissions by 2050.

By Delta Air Lines

The Lab is launched with the ambition to contribute Delta talent and know-how to ensure Delta is the airline of choice for disruptors hoping to test and launch their ideas.

The airline wants to pair operational expertise of its teams with innovators to inspire new ideas and spur industry advancement – ultimately to create the more sustainable future of flight.

The Delta Sustainable Skies Lab will work on goals such as internal innovation culture, and innovative partnerships. Delta Air Lines will continue tapping its own operation to test concepts for reducing its environmental impact. The Delta Sustainable Skies Lab is one way Delta catalyzes innovative breakthroughs, attracts new capital to the industry for scaling innovations, and develops policies our industry needs to accelerate the sustainable future of flying.