Dovetail partners with siemens for zero-emission aircraft

Dovetail Electric Aviation has adopted Siemens Xcelerator software to develop zero-emission propulsion systems for commercial aircraft. This partnership aims to retrofit legacy airplanes with battery and hydrogen-electric systems, significantly reducing operating costs and carbon emissions.


Headquartered in Australia, with operations in Spain, Dovetail is the only company converting small aircraft to zero-emission battery electric and designing hydrogen-electric retrofits. The company’s innovative propulsion systems are set to reduce operating costs by up to 40% while advancing towards cleaner air travel, Payload Asia reports.

Accelerating transition to viable prototypes

The Siemens Xcelerator portfolio, including the NX™ X software for cloud-enabled CAD, enables rapid development of digital twin designs, accelerating the transition from concept to viable prototypes.

The adoption of the software also supports the development of a hydrogen-electric version, including a fuel cell and hydrogen storage system. The digital twin technology enhances efficiency in editing complex design models, speeding up product development and ensuring effective management of the design process.

Payload Asia reports about the role of digital twins in advancing sustainable aviation. The software’s history of aiding companies in pushing technological boundaries is now integral to Dovetail’s mission to address climate change through innovation.