Dutch start-up unveils ambitious 80-seater hybrid-electric aircraft

Maeve Aerospace, backed by the Dutch government, has unveiled plans for an 80-seater hybrid-electric plane, aiming to revolutionize carbon emissions in the aviation sector. The M80 aircraft promises a 40% reduction in fuel burn, targeting certification by 2031. With a range of 1,482 kilometers, Maeve Aerospace envisions replacing regional jets, signaling a significant step toward sustainable air travel.

Image by Maeve Aerospace

Dutch start-up Maeve Aerospace, supported by the Dutch government, makes a bold entry into sustainable aviation with the announcement of the M80, an 80-seater hybrid-electric plane. AviationWeek reports that the M80 project, initially scheduled for a 2028 flight and 2030 certification, has adjusted its timeline, with the concept phase extending to mid-2026.

The revised plan targets type approval and customer deliveries by 2031. With an anticipated range of 1,482 kilometers and a remarkable 40% reduction in fuel burn compared to similar regional jets, the M80 positions itself as a game-changer in the sustainable aviation landscape.

Replacement for existing regional jets

AviationWeek reports that the maximum take-off weight of the M80 is set at 28.9 tons, featuring a maximum payload of 8.5 tons. Maeve Aerospace envisions the aircraft as a suitable replacement for existing regional jets, competing in terms of performance and attracting operator interest.

While challenges, including the size increase of hydrogen fuel tanks, must be addressed, the M80 project aligns with broader industry trends. Start-ups like Maeve Aerospace contribute to the aviation sector's transition to greener alternatives. Notably, the M80 reflects a collective effort to pioneer sustainable solutions, with manufacturers, governments, and entrepreneurs joining forces to reshape the future of air travel.