IATA calls for reduction of single-use plastics

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has released a report urging a cut-down in the use of single-use plastics (SUPP) in aviation. The report advocates for collaborative efforts among airlines, regulators, and the supply chain to reduce SUPP usage and promote circular economy principles.

According to a report in TIMES Aerospace, the recommendations of IATA include waste reduction strategies, regulatory harmonization, and investment in sustainable alternatives and infrastructure.

With SUPP widely utilized in aircraft cabins, the industry faces obstacles in waste management and sustainable practices. IATA's recommendations target airlines, regulators, and the supply chain. The organization emphasizes the importance of collective action in reducing SUPP usage and transitioning to more sustainable alternatives.

Airlines to establish targets

TIMES Aerospace reports that, to minimize waste, airlines should assess standards and procedures to reduce single-use plastic products (SUPP), establish clear targets for elimination, and disclose progress. Implementing reusable items can promote circularity, but logistical changes are necessary, considering potential impacts on fuel burn and emissions. Enhanced waste management includes segregating onboard and ground waste and conducting audits to improve recovery processes for both passenger and cargo operations.