IATA: SAF production increases 200%, 450 billion liters needed by 2050

Airlines will need much more sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) in the coming years. SAF production has increased by 200 per cent in 2022, but not nearly enough of it is being produced, world aviation organisation IATA states.

So far this year, 300 million litres of SAF has been produced worldwide, IATA has calculated, but that is a conservative estimate. The actual figure could be around 450 million, according to the organisation.

Airlines are committed to achieve net zero CO₂ emissions by 2050 and see SAF as a key contributor. Current estimates expect SAF to account for 65% of the mitigation needed for this, requiring a production capacity of 450 billion liters annually in 2050. To date, over 450,000 commercial flights have been operated using SAF.