New JetZero aircraft wing ‘slashes carbon emissions’

The so-called ‘blended wing body’ design of the latest JetZero aircraft could prove to be a ground breaking innovation for the aviation industry. The non-traditional plane design of JetZero could help slash carbon emissions, the manufacturer claims.

The secret of JetZero’s invention is the ‘flying wing’ design that was also used by military aircraft such as the B-2 bomber. The JetZero blended wing design has more volume in the middle section. The US-based company JetZero wants to put the blended-wing aircraft into service as early as 2030.

Image and copyright by JetZero

According to JetZero, a blended wing airframe can deliver 50% lower fuel burn and emissions. Tom O’Leary, co-founder and CEO of JetZero, told TomorrowsWorldToday: “That is a staggering leap forward in comparison to what the industry is used to.”

The blended wing design allows the entire aircraft to generate life and minimize drag. A plane like this would also weigh less, generate less noise and emissions, and cost less to operate than an equally advanced conventional transport aircraft. One technical challenge remains: the pressurization of a non-cylindrical fuselage is more difficult. A tube-shaped plane is better able to handle the expansion and contraction cycles in flight.