Sustainable Flight Challenge: two awards for SkyTeam partner China Airlines

SkyTeam partner China Airlines won two awards in this year’s edition of the Sustainable Flight Challenge (TSFC). On a sustainability demonstration flight from Taipei and Singapore, the airline also successfully reduced its carbon emissions by 150 tons.

SkyTeam’s Sustainable Flight Challenge is an international platform for airlines to showcase their commitment to sustainability. In this global competition, 23 airlines participated, totaling 72 flights.

AviationSourceNews reports that the carbon emissions reduction achieved by China Airlines in this year’s challenge was 150 tons, an improvement of no less than 1500% over the previous year’s performance.

For the flight, China Airlines used SAF to (partly) power the engines. The airline won the ‘Best Inflight Supply Chain’ award with the transformation of daily PET bottles and coffee dregs into eco-friendly woven goods and utensils. The introduction of ‘Dynasty Sky Reading’ offering passengers access to over a hundred publications for free downloads won the airline the ‘Best Adopted Solution’ award.