T&C of the bluebiz designated travel agent

  • These Terms and Conditions (“the Conditions”) are applicable to the bluebiz Designated Travel Agent product offered to selected members of the bluebiz program.
  • The Terms and Conditions of the bluebiz programme also apply.
  • Through the bluebiz Designated Travel Agent product bluebiz members can assign a Travel Agent, who can request payment of a ticket in blue credits at least 5 days prior to departure.
  • Only one Travel Agency, recognized by its official IATA number, can be designated per bluebiz member.
  • At the moment a Designated Travel Agent ask for Payment with blue credits out of the account of the bluebiz member, the official contact person of the bluebiz member will receive a notification from bluebiz. In case the official contact person of the member doesn’t agree with this request for payment it needs to inform the bluebiz Service desk within three working days after the notification is sent to the member.
  • Air France and or KLM cannot be held responsible for any misuse of the member’s account by the Travel Agent designated by the member.
  • Any charges by the designated Travel Agent related to the issue of the ticket paid in blue credits are for the account of the member.
  • bluebiz will not inform the Designated Travel Agent on any information on the bluebiz account, like the bluebiz balance.
  • In case a bluebiz designated Travel Agent ask for payment of a ticket in blue credits on behalf of a member, only this Travel Agent can ask for a refund of the same ticket.
  • Information on the bluebiz Designated Travel can be found on bluebiz.com.


  • Dutch/French law applies on these terms and conditions
  • AIR FRANCE and or KLM reserves the right to exclude registrations that appear to be fraudulent.
  • AIR FRANCE and or KLM is not responsible for network, hardware or software problems or electrical failures of any kind that result in the delay or loss of the Participant’s Registration Form, the request for payment form or any other information.
  • AIR FRANCE and or KLM reserve the right to make changes in the terms and conditions, definitions and other information, or to end the bluebiz designated Travel Agent product at any time without advance warning.