Messe Frankfurt – Europe’s Best Congress & Convention Centre

3/4/2014 10:43:35 AM

Messe Frankfurt – Europe’s Best Congress & Convention Centre
The Messe in Frankfurt is 2014’s Best Congress & Convention Centre of Europe. The Messe received the best reviews and was thus ranked first in the Business Destinations Travel Awards.

The British travel magazine Business Destinations presented Congress Center Messe Frankfurt with the prestigious award, based on the opinion of travel managers from the world’s 500 top revenue-generating companies together with members of the international Association of Corporate Travel Executives, ACTE.

The Messe came first in an online survey according to criteria such as price-performance ratio, quality and range of services. The Congress Center at the Frankfurt exhibition grounds impressed the judges above all because of its central location. The outstanding service and support offered by Congress Frankfurt as a full-service provider and Messe Frankfurt’s extensive commitment to Corporate Social responsibility were also rated as exemplary.

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