Packing a suit – the right way

4/21/2015 4:13:18 PM

Packing a suit into your carry-on bag is a skill, not rocket science. Anybody can learn how to fold your suit the right way to prevent wrinkles.

Packing a suit – the right wayTravel+Leisure provides a six-step method that prevents creases. When you arrive in your hotel room and still find creases, use the old trick of hanging the suit in the bathroom while showering. The steam will solve your problem.

These are the steps, see T+L for a video:

1.    Hold the jacket facing away from you.
2.    Turn one half of the jacket, including the sleeve, inside out.
3.    Slip the right-side-out sleeve into the opposite armhole and pull all the way through.
4.    Fold sleeve across, then insert a curled-up pair of briefs under the shoulder pads to protect their
5.    Lay the jacket flat and align the lapels and collar, keeping natural folds.
6.    Roll the jacket around the bundle, then fold suit pants in half lengthwise and roll around jacket.
       Place in bag.

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Image by Johnny Magnusson

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