The app that helps you get over your jet lag

9/12/2018 10:18:27 AM

Feeling groggy after a long flight across multiple time zone? Feeling OK but finding it hard to focus? If a jet leg is about to ruin your business trip, the new Timeshifter app may offer the solution.

Almost every traveller experiences jet lag in some way. It often comes with fatigue and disorientation. For some, jet lag also means nausea, headaches and even mild depression. The Timeshifter app mitigates the effects of jet lag, based on a personalised scientific approach.

Based on a person's normal sleep patterns and flight itinerary, the app prescribes a schedule that will best prepare them for an easy transition to their new time zone. If you want Timeshifter to work, you input your usual sleep schedule, chronotype (morning person or night person?), and flight itinerary. Based on a algorithm, the app then offers a plan for the days before and after your flight that advises you when and for how long to sleep, when to avoid caffeine, when to expose yourself to light, and when to take some melatonin. The plan spans several days, depending on the distance you travel.

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