Alexandre Boissy (Air France-KLM): “Sustainability is a core priority”

Sustainability remains a core priority for Air France-KLM, aligning with the European Union's carbon neutrality goals for 2050, says Alexandre Boissy, Corporate Secretary of Air France-KLM.

In an interview on IATA’s website, Boissy underscores Air France-KLM's commitment to investing heavily in fleet renewal and sustainable aviation fuels (SAF) to reduce environmental impact. However, he stresses the importance of supportive regulatory frameworks to ensure competitive parity and prevent market distortions.

Balancing growth and sustainability

Boissy's view on the future of aviation is one of cautious optimism, balancing growth and sustainability with the need for cohesive regulatory support. He envisions a resilient and strategic future for aviation, emphasizing the sector's recovery post-pandemic and its significant role in global economies. Boissy foresees a return to pre-COVID passenger traffic levels, driven by the necessity for business travel, the aspirations of younger generations to explore, and the need for global connectivity with loved ones.

The importance of SAF

According to Boissy, Air France-KLM is committed to ambitious decarbonization, advocating for coherent policies that support greenhouse gas reduction while maintaining competitiveness. Sustainability, along with safety, remains a top priority. Boissy emphasizes the importance of Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAFs) and the need for robust regulatory support. Air France-KLM has pledged to invest up to 2 billion euros annually until 2030 to modernize its fleet, achieving significant reductions in fuel consumption and noise emissions. The airline group is also the largest user of SAFs globally, accounting for 16% of the world's supply in 2023.

Reduce emissions

Addressing public perception, Boissy underscores the industry's efforts to innovate and reduce emissions. Despite misconceptions, air travel has become more accessible, with emissions per passenger kilometer significantly decreasing over the decades. Air France-KLM's environmental transition, supported by public authorities, is crucial for achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.