At two Delta hubs: ground support equipment powered with electricity

Delta Air Lines has almost succeeded in making all ground support equipment on two of its major hubs powered by electricity. In Salt Lake City and Boston, the airline has converted almost all of its GSE fleet that it utilizes to turn around aircraft between flights.

The tugs, tractors and belt loaders that Delta uses to service aircraft between flights in Salt Lake City and Boston are now nearly all electric. The investments bring the airline closer to its goal of a 100% net-zero ground operation around the world.

The GSE equipment is used to load baggage and cargo and prepare each jet for its next safe journey. Most of the former fuel-powered belt loaders, bag and push-back tractors are now propelled by electricity and feature ‘zero-emission vehicle’ green leaf signage.

The investment is part of Delta’s strategy for achieving net zero-emissions and more sustainable travel by 2050. The strategy also includes scaling the sustainable fuel market, innovating for the fleet of the future, addressing single-use plastics and encouraging net-zero supply chains.

Pam Fletcher, Delta’s Chief Sustainability Officer is proud of the achievement. "Flying represents about 98% of Delta’s carbon emissions, and while we continue work to drastically reduce that impact – Delta saved more than 10 million gallons of fuel in 2022 alone – we are working throughout our business to embed sustainability in everything we do.”