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All car rentals in one spot: LAX

8/11/2017 2:39:03 PM

Los Angeles international Airport is going to put a stop to the fragmentation of car hire operations on the airport. It is going to build the world’s largest Consolidated Rent-A-Car (CONRAC) facility, hosting over 20 separate car rental facilities that until now are scattered all over the airport.

The large facility is set to be built on a 136-acre site at LAX airport, as part of a $5.5 billion airport modernization program. It will end a very confusing situation for customers and one of the biggest sources of complaints about the airport.

In the current situation, business travellers that are looking for their rental car lose a lot of valuable time looking for and walking to the right operator. The new facility will be connected directly to the airport terminals by a 2.5-mile automated people mover.

New transfer facilities in and around the airports have been planned to remove over 30% of traffic from the central terminal area, solving a large portion of the existing traffic congestion problems.

LAX is the world’s seventh busiest airport. In 2015, it handled 74.9 million passengers. Road congestion is one of the biggest challenges for the airport.

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