San Diego, home of airport innovations

6/27/2019 3:42:21 PM

San Diego International Airport has opened an Innovation Lab where startup businesses can develop and test their innovations for the airport industry. Travellers can come across test/beta versions of the products, that are ‘field-tested’ at the airport.

Airport World reports that a group of innovative startups has started an accelerator programme to “field test” and develop their concepts in a real-world airport environment. Among the concepts and products are Airport Tour, interactive airport guides with audio tours; Ciari Guitars, the world’s first and only foldable, travel guitar where travellers can play and/or listen to music while relaxing; HOHM, high-tech sleep pods for travelers to rest in for 30-minute to four-hour periods; InnoTech Systems, autonomous robot guides to provide navigation through the airport and other travel assistance; Nuvve Corporation, vehicle-to-grid applications at airports with excess electric vehicle (battery-stored) energy sold back to the grid or buildings during peak demand times.

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