Unlock your Avis rental car with your smartphone

1/24/2018 12:22:46 PM

Don’t be surprised when the Avis car rental officer sends you on your way without handing you the key of the vehicle. The car rental company is testing keyless cars, in cooperation with Continental.

In a pilot project, Avis’ customers in Kansas City (U.S.) are able to lock and unlock their rental car by using their smartphone and the Avis app. Avis has equipped some of its cars with Continental's Key-as-a-Service technology. The app and the phone also allow customers to start their car. Engadget quotes Avis’ CEO saying that his company is delivering “the next generation of mobility solutions and lays the foundation for entirely keyless car rental.”

Avis and Continental may have started a trend in the car rental business, as the safe keyless system doesn't require any major changes to a vehicle's structure or circuitry – that makes it easy to incorporate into different makes and models. Keyless entry in hotels has been around for over a year now.

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