Delta launches roadmap to sustainable travel

Scaling the sustainable fuel market, innovating for the fleet of the future, addressing single-use plastics and encouraging net-zero supply chains: these focus points are all part of the new strategy that Delta Air Lines has launched for achieving net zero-emissions and more sustainable travel by 2050.

Delta Chief Sustainability Officer Pam Fletcher first shared the strategy with the airline’s employees. She stressed that that the goals on the roadmap are inspired by what is good for the planet, communities and Delta people, and driven by a recognition that sustainability is a business imperative.

Delta Airlines plans to embed sustainability in everything the airline does. Eliminating the company’s climate impact from flying is the greatest challenge for years to come, Fletcher said.

Delta’s near-term goals include minimizing Delta’s impact from single-use plastic, transitioning to electric ground service equipment, and encouraging vendors in its supply chain on their own sustainability plans.