First SAF Agreement with a UK airport for Air France-KLM

Teesside International Airport (MME) will be the first airport in the UK to join the Air France-KLM Corporate Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) program. The partnership brings the program into the UK, which is a new market for the SAF program.

The partnership with MME will enable Air France-KLM to access SAF at MME, giving the Air France and KLM planes another access point to more sustainable fuel. According to a report by SimpleFlying, the deal marks an essential milestone in the decarbonization of air transportation. Because MME will switch to using SAF fuel, the carbon footprint produced by Air France-KLM will be dramatically reduced on flights departing MME.

According to MME, this partnership will allow the airport to set a standard for other airports to follow as it hopes to become a leader in the sustainable aviation industry. The General Manager of Air France-KLM in the UK and Ireland, Fahmi Mahjoub, said that the cooperation “marks the start of a new level of cooperation across the industry and we hope that this news helps spread the awareness in the UK and that more companies will join us in making SAF more readily available around the globe."