Uber: best deal in most cities

12/16/2019 2:45:51 PM

In most international business destinations, Uber offers more affordable fares than regular taxi services. A survey found that in 42 of 55 international cities travelers get a better deal by traveling by Uber.

The survey, commissioned by Globehunters, a travel firm based in the U.K., was based on a per-kilometer cost. Uber is the least expensive way to get around a major city; this was certainly the case in cities like Cancun (Mexico), where traveling by Uber is $1.63 less expensive than in a regular taxi. Similar differences were found in Lima, Amsterdam, London and Munich.

In some places, it is the other way around. In Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, it is still (a lot) cheaper to travel by regular taxi than in an Uber. Mecca, Milan, New York and Dammam (Saudi Arabia) show similar results. Travepulse reports that in Athens and Istanbul, the prices are the same.

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