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From day one of your membership, you and your colleagues can enjoy our corporate benefits programme. These benefits give you and your travel agent more flexibility during the booking process and give recognition to your staff at the airport or on board.

For instance, the ‘book now, pay later’ option. This allows you to hold the reservation, without the immediate need to issue a ticket and have the option to cancel for free before ticket issuance. This way you still have time to reconsider your trip.

Free name change

Also part of our corporate benefits programme: a free name change on all our booking classes. So you can change the name on a ticket to the name of another colleague, meaning you can start planning a trip early. Even if this trip is not fully confirmed and you're not sure yet which colleague will travel. And by doing so, you often have access to lower-priced booking classes.


Don't know which colleague will be traveling yet? No problem! Make the booking anyway.

Get ahead of the line

As a bluebiz member, you'll enjoy priority boarding in zone 3 when flying Economy Class on Air France or KLM operated flights. This means you'll be ahead of the crowd and board sooner.

Frequently asked questions

The Corporate Benefits Program offers flexibility that optimises the booking process, priority that supports the efficiency at airports and recognition to support a seamless travel experience for you and your colleagues. These benefits apply exclusively to flights that are ticketed and operated by Air France and KLM.

The Corporate Benefits Program offers several benefits that include flexibility, priority and recognition.

As a corporate traveller, you can enjoy several benefits that include flexible ticketing deadlines, allowing you to book now and pay later. This provides the opportunity to secure your fare while still allowing time for further consideration. Additionally, if the ticket related to your booking has not yet been issued, you can cancel the booking free of charge. Name changes on the ticket can also be made at no additional cost.

In the event of a full flight, corporate travellers are guaranteed a seat in Economy Class on long-haul flights.

Your colleagues will enjoy priority boarding at the airport. 

The trip doesn’t go as planned? Your colleagues are amongst the first ones to be rebooked. They will also have priority on the waiting list of full flights.

Our staff recognise bluebiz members both on the ground and in the air, to support a seamless travel experience.

Imagine you have an employee who is supposed to fly to a conference tomorrow, but another colleague needs to go instead. Just change the name of the traveller at no charge – it's that simple.

As a bluebiz member, you can easily change the name on your Air France or KLM tickets for free. Just remember that this service is only available for flights ticketed and marketed and operated by these airlines. To qualify, you must include your bluebiz number in your booking.

To take advantage of this perk, you can request a name change through your travel agency or by reaching out to Air France KLM Customer Service. And the best part? This benefit applies to all types of payments*, including blue credits.

* This benefit does not apply to tickets paid for with Flying Blue Miles.

As a bluebiz member your company can benefit from our ‘book now, pay later’ (Ticket Time Limit) service and hold the reservation without an immediate need to pay for it. By holding the reservation, you secure the fare and you still have time to reconsider your trip. You can even cancel your ticket at no cost as you only pay for your ticket at the moment of issuance. This benefit is applicable on all flights ticketed and operated by Air France and KLM.

Please note that this benefit is exclusively available for specific booking classes. If it is available for you, then the benefit will be provided free of cost during the booking process.

When booking through a travel agency, you can take advantage of our convenient 'book now, pay later' option for certain flight classes issued by Air France or KLM, with a flight number from either airline.

When an intercontinental flight is fully booked, Air France and KLM will guarantee bluebiz members a seat in Economy Class at a Y-class fare. To be able to use this guaranteed seat benefit, your bluebiz number should be in the booking.

Please also check with your travel agency.

As a bluebiz member, you can take advantage of priority boarding in zone 3 when flying in Economy cabin on Air France or KLM operated flights. 

This benefit is already in use at most of our stations, and our airports at Paris Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport are fully equipped.

It's important to note that this benefit is different from SkyPriority.

At bluebiz, we truly value our customers, whether they're on the ground or in the air.

In the event that a trip doesn't go as planned, our members will receive top priority services on flights operated by Air France and KLM. For example, if flights are delayed or cancelled due to weather conditions, our business travellers with a bluebiz membership will be among the first to receive rebooking assistance.

Our staff recognise bluebiz travellers, both on the ground and in the air, to create a seamless travel experience.

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