Uber app crash detector

10/23/2018 8:30:53 AM

Being on a business trip alone, in some distant African or Asian destination, may make you wonder: ‘What if this taxi crashes, who will come to the rescue?’ If you are in an Uber taxi, the answer could very well be: Uber.  

A new feature on the taxi app – the Ride Check – makes use of the sensors that work inside the smartphone. ITNews Africa reports that when the car you are in crashes, the app will pull data from the GPS chip and accelerometer in the phone. It will detect something must have happened. Both the driver and passenger will receive a pop-up message on their phone, asking if they are okay, and whether they need any help. 

If you are not, things will start happening. Uber has not confirmed details yet, but you may either get connected to an emergency service or to a dedicated Uber help line.  

Further reading on itnewsafrica.com

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